TimThumb EOL (finally!)

The Make WordPress blog has finally signalled the end of a disastrous piece of software that made many WordPress sites insecure. TimThumb is/was supposed to allow embedding of images at any dimensions without requiring WordPress to previously have created the variant. The project has been used by many, many, themes available on commercial sites such as ThemeForest and also quite a few that have been published in’s repositories. TimThumb EOL

Adobe vs Apple

Sigh. Unfortunately it would seem that the Apple and Adobe war is getting more heated. Recently Apple released in beta form their latest version of the iPhone Software Developer’s Kit, which has been a requirement for developing for the iPhone thus far. Just two days prior to this SDK release Adobe launched their Creative Suite 5 applications which includes the facility to use Adobe Flash to create native iPhone applications without the SDK, even on Windows platforms.

AJAX disabled for the time being

I’ve decided to disable my ajaxblog addon, as I like to use google analytics to track what type of content is popular so that I can concentrate more on that kind of content in the future. Now, I have added google analytics code into ajaxblog but it seems that I’ve either mis-implemented it, or I don’t know how to read the results at (Either could be true, and both equally likely.

Aptana Studio and GCJ

Aptana Studio is a pretty darned impressive IDE for web-related development. I use it almost exclusively. The installation instructions on the download page make reference to 64bit users having to utilise the eclipse plugin version rather than standalone. The problems occur when you install Eclipse from the Ubuntu apt repositories. When you install Eclipse, via apt, the package “eclipse-gcj” gets installed which also pulls in the gcj runtime. This seems innocuous in itself, but the eclipse startup script checks for existence of various java runtimes to determine which it will use.

Bendy Corners

Ooh, Ahh, Just a little bit. Ooh, Aah, A little bit more! Gina-G So I wanted that little bit more eye-candy on my site. To fix this, I made a very minor tweak to my CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code – CSS is what changes web page code into something visually appealing. The change makes use of a very new edition of CSS called version 3, which not all web browsers support yet.

Big Brother

OK, I know I’ve been posting a slew of entries today (making up for a few days with no posts, I guess), but this one I felt had to be addressed. The government will, from the 6th of april, be monitoring every email and possibly instant message and chat communication by uk residents. Let me reiterate that, every email and telephone number you send and receive is now monitored. The EU passed a directive recently which required all member states to do this.