Awesomify anything or anyone with OpenFaaS!

While I’ve been lurking about the OpenFaaS Community I haven’t really had the wherewithal to actually get myself knuckled-down to build something that might be classed as useful or fun. To remedy that I finally came up with a new idea for a function that I can publish into the FaaS Store. I’m calling this function “Awesomify”. It will take any text you throw at it and make it awesome!

Pure CSS Loading Animation

Showcasing my skills in Web Development where I am constantly pushing the boundaries, here is my CSS Loading Animation. The experiment here uses CSS keyframes to achieve 60 frames per second animation without repainting the elements. To build the animated object (the spinner) I use a pair of incomplete CSS Triangle tricks. When you combine the CSS Triangle trick with border-radius you find you can curve one edge of the triangle.

How to make the A-Z Listing plugin for WordPress use a different Index Letter for a post

This post talks about our A-Z Listing Plugin, which is available on How did we get here? After a long battle with a very considerate person in the forums where I repeatedly failed to get them working with various attempts at writing code they could drop into their site, I decided I needed to write it up and explain how to do this once and for all. The scenario You have a series of posts with Proper Nouns (people’s names) as their title You want to index them on their Family Name (sometimes called the “Last Name”) The concept is fairly simple, in that you need to hook into the filter that I’ve provided and return the right result with the index letter changed.

Advanced composition of Polymer Webcomponents

In a request for help sent to the Polymer web components mailing list, a user wondered about lists specifically based on the example provided in the Shop Demo that the Polymer team created. This user wanted to understand how to change the list so that it may use a different markup to the one provided for in the original example. As I thought about and researched this problem I encountered a stack overflow post that talks about a parent providing the markup for a dom-repeat template inside a child’s shadow root.

Stop discouraging women!

This post is inspired by an advert that I saw on youtube that highlights the damage that can happen to a young woman’s psyche with simple behaviour patterns such as telling the woman that she needs to be pretty or even just telling her she is pretty. I thoroughly agree with the sentiment that many of our brightest female engineers, mathematicians and developers are being discouraged before they even know that they have an interest or aptitude for technical subjects.

All about the WordPress Fields API

You have probably heard about the effort lead by Scott Clark with guidance from Helen Hou-Sandi to develop a WordPress Feature Plugin mysteriously entitled “WordPress Fields API”. So what is it, what does it do, and why should you care? Feature Plugins First-up we need to understand what a Feature Plugin is in relation to WordPress Core: When the WordPress community decided that we needed a major rewrite of the Administration screens it was realised that such an invasive change would be difficult to develop within Core’s source-code repository.