Updated on 2021-02-13

Warning: this is a random amalgum of what should really be separate posts.

I have just finished going through the 600 or so queued up comments for my blog. The most heavily commented articles appear to be my OSX86 Snow Leopard post and, somewhat surprisingly my AJAX Blog post. This latter post’s comments were entirely spam, however. Out of the many obviously spam comments there were a few that didn’t stand out as being such, so I allowed those through and, being the diligent person I am, I replied to all the new comments with at the very least a thankyou for the message.

And now it’s 04:30 am, in the morning, and I really should be in bed. However I’m playing with my Android HTC Magic at the moment with a hacked “ROM” created by the CyanogenMod community. I’ve moved my simcard out of my iPhone and into this Android phone in the hopes of unifying my various online identities with my real-life counterpart. I was using the aforementioned iPhone quite avidly, but I both felt like a change and wanted to get out of the Steve Jobsian walled garden, if only for a small while.

On that front I am also planning on removing OS X off my macbook and replace it with Ubuntu’s earthy-hued goodness. My desktop PC is currently running Citrix XenServer 5.6 instead of the OSX86 Snow Leopard setup alluded-to in the post mentioned above. Unfortunately I can’t install any “Guest” Operating Systems onto this XenServer system until I either install Windows to access Citrix’s official management console called XenCenter, or I install some form of Linux system and use the Open Xen Manager project’s offering. It strikes me as odd that Citrix build an entire product based on Linux (CentOS) but don’t provide any way of managing it from within a different Linux system (my choice being Ubuntu).