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Updated on 2021-02-13

I run a WiFi hotspot using the ChilliSpot software. I have tried both and’s billing services, over the course of two (2) years with about one (1) year on each service. I, unfortunately, did this backwards by moving across to Coova about a year ago in the hopes of finding a more manageable service. I am now going back to has the benefit feature of allocating people a username and password which they may use. This is instead of Coova’s insistence on creating new access codes which the user must check their email for before they disconnect else they will have to buy more time to regain access again., however, last I used the system, did not allow easy reimbursement to a user following a prolonged network outage. By which I mean when most a user’s access time has elapsed before services come back online., by virtue of tieing directly into your PayPal account allows for refunds in the standard PayPal way. also allows for arbitrary access granting via one-time access codes without requiring any further payments. (I am unsure whether does this, but hoping for pleasently surprising information to the contrary.), by utilising a proper payment processor instead of relying upon PayPal’s system, has more of a professional e-commerce feel than’s system. This improves the image of my company.’s reporting features are very good and surpass’s by a long shot!

Plus, allows remote monitoring and command execution on my Access Point(s) with no extra configuration required.

All-in-all I prefer for the more professional system when comparing to, and will be glad once I get the transition back sorted.