FriendConnect & Comments

Updated on 2021-02-13

I’ve just updated the version of “FriendConnect” available on’s Free Blogs service. This is only a small version number change, but the actual differences are quite sweeping. You should have already noticed the new FriendConnect bar at the top of my site, which allows you to submit comments and join my “community”. Also the WordPress inbuilt commenting system is circumvented in favour of the google-powered comments.

Unfortunately, this means that all pre-existing comments are hidden from view until I find a way of re-enabling the display but not submittal of them. The new system doesn’t allow for importing of old comments, alas, so I can’t get around it that way. The FriendConnect admin console does allow for export, but doesn’t let you re-import again at a later date (that I can discern).

Edit: fixed the plugin for domain-mapped blogs. Also fixed sexy-bookmarks for domain-mapped blogs. (A domain-mapped blog is one which uses the user’s own domain rather than being <something>