30 and Flirty?

Updated on 2021-02-13

I’ve reached the grand old age of 30 years young. I’m wondering if the term “30 and Flirty” as featured by Jennifer Garner in the movie “13 going on 30” is a suitable term to give to a person of a certain age who happens to find themselves single. I don’t mind the odd flirt every now and then, but truth be told I don’t actually know when I’m doing it. Flirting has always been a grey area for me, and, with many girls as friends in past life, I think I’ve been flirty with pretty much all of them all of the time. Which has inevitably left me being accused, on occasion, of trying to take other people’s partners despite that being far from my mind.

And then we get to today, where I’ve found myself at half-way to the new 50, single, with no children, looking around and seeing everyone around me is actually already attached and forking off sproglings. Both my Brother and Sister are married-off to partners they’d both been with for ages by the time they’d got to this milestone age. Have I been left on the shelf or am I my own worst enemy when it comes to love?

Answers on a postcard.

So it’s all bad then? Well, no, not quite. I have a job that I love and colleagues that are awesome. Plus I have Bowl Hat and the ventures related to that to keep me occupied out-of-hours. While I love Bowl Hat and hope that one-day I can make it self-sustaining monetarily I do need to pay the bills, and so I have left this site, related ventures and their trickle of income to languish while I establish myself at my “place of regular employment"™; they must and will always take precedence over my personal projects.

As to work, I’ve now got several projects that I can cite on my personal portfolio, but it would probably be morally objectionable to put them on here, plus I’m not allowed to divulge specifics without prior approval. Instead I’ll leave you with some juicy soundbites. At Bang Communications I have been/am part of the team that produced/es: a national (British) election information website, several multinational informercial sites, a heavily-used web-app stakeholder management system, several intranets for various clients including governmental, and large international public-sector websites.

As you can see I’m involved with some heavy-hitters! My main work at Bang involves WordPress regularly and Drupal intermittently when specifically requested.